Saturday, September 5, 2020

To the Heart of the Woods

Oh gods, Sis,

We made it to Alderheart. The city is huge and beautiful, and there’s so many people and wonderous things here. I’ll have to bring you here one day.

But I’m jumping ahead of myself. The trip had some bit of excitement as well and what would I be if I skip that part of the story.

On our way to Alderheart, we noticed that patches of the Scorch Grove reached near the path. All the more reason for us to hurry with our news. We were escorting Eliza again, so we had to keep our wits about us. Good thing too because we bumped into more bandits. I’m getting worried that the spread of the Grove is forcing more folk into banditry. I also feel very bad for those poor folk when they threaten Rakuno and Farah. The speed at which those two move is amazing. No matter how far the bandits think they are from us, those two are right on them like lightning out of a bottle. And the amount of punches and kicks they do in such quick succession. Their whole body is like a weapon.

That night, a Tender stumbled into our camp. Those folk are apparently gifted with commanding nature around them. This one, a Gallus, goes around and steering fires away from the rest of the woods. I believe a Tender came to Saltar’s Port when we were much younger, morphing the trees there to create a few homes, like the one for the Potters up the street from us.

There was not much else before we finally got to the city though, but we found that the grove took many more villages. There are a lot of refugees here, it’s very depressing. The city is doing what it can to help them, but there are just so many people. I did get to see the Perch Guard though. Dad’s and mom’s description of them were accurate. They wear very shiny armor and command respect when you look at them.

Oh I really wish you were here Reya. The city is amazing. We even spoke before the council, which is filled with so many elegant birdfolk. I don’t remember dad getting to speak before them, so I finally did something new. Their speaker, Bita, heard our plea, and will let us know how they can help in a few days. In the meantime, she mentioned a problem with a particular bandit, a leader of theirs named Benna Seridan. Do you remember dad talked of a Seridan in a village in the woods? Some local seer. I wonder if they are related.

Speaking of dad, you can tell him I bumped into a friend of his. Her name is Brin Whitecrest, a fellow raptor. If he doesn’t recognize the name, which I doubt because he remembers like everything, you can also tell him she has the markings, and frankly the ambition of the wind-touched. She told me a lot about you guys, so I’m sure you may remember her too.

I should say, even in the city, there’s adventure to be had. We decided to look around the Trunk Market and my friend Spoke was pickpocketed by some Jerbeen. We of course gave chase to re-secure my buddy’s fortune. The small chipmunk Jerbeen were cornered in an alley. It was a terrible situation, they were so young, still children, with no home or parents. I didn’t know what to do, lucky Farah and Rakuno offered to take them to the local monastery, recommending them to the chapter master. Farah, with her big heart, also made a sizable donation to them for taking in the children and getting them off the streets. Not exactly a solution to the whole bandit problem, but these kids will hopefully find a good path like Rakuno did. I should mention, Brin was with us during this. She is such a good friend to have. Funny enough, the inn we checked into was the same she was already staying at, the “Howling Harpy.”

I don’t know if you already knew this, but Brin apparently plays the Shawm. Well there was an open stage, and we all jumped up there to play a small concert to help brighten the mood of all the folk staying there. We had a good time. The owner of the inn was pretty happy as well and gave us the rooms for the night so long as we played some more. I find this bard profession to be a good choice for me.

I miss you Reya. Mom and dad too. I can’t stop thinking about home right now. I… I think I’m going to go see if Brin is still awake and in the mood to maybe talk some more about home. Wish your brother luck.

The goof that is your brother,