Hey folks, how’s it going? Welcome to my About page. You either clicked on it to learn more about me, or accidentally clicked on it while trying to move your mouse out the way or your finger twitched. Either way, you found yourself here. Welcome.

I’m Tyrannodorkus, dork gamer extraordinaire and foe of unfun times. If you haven’t found out by now, I love video games. They aren’t my only hobby (movies and television too), but they are my main hobby. They’ve been around my whole life and given me so much entertainment.

I hope to relay my excitement for games to you and help get you to think about them more - either for fun and relaxation or more seriously and in-depth.

My focus will be on the MMO genre, but I’m not locked in to it only. As my blog will show, I have a diverse love of all genres.

Any more personal information I’m willing to share can be found on my Liebster page, or Creative Blogger Award. As I see myself in a supporting role, I aim to make games look as good as possible while complaining objectively criticizing it to make it the best medium of entertainment around.