Saturday, January 2, 2021

Now We’re Cooking

The next few pages in this book are slightly waterlogged

Dear Journal,

It’s been a crazy day. I’m now out here on a ship with my parents and friends chasing after a storm that’s caused by the amaranthine knows what. But I need to focus now and recollect everything that went on yesterday. So here goes…

In order to kick out the squatters in the mansion, we tried to come up with a diplomatic solution. Farah got some orders to evict the residents for their unlawful stay. We knew we were kidding ourselves, but it felt like it at least put right on our side that we reached out with an olive branch first even though we quickly hit with the arrows.

When we arrived at the mansion, there was a guard posted out front, no big deal. We showed the mapach the papers, asked them to leave and no harm would come to them. He obviously didn’t think we were serious and declined with a few choice words. Well Farah decided to show her seriousness and knocked him unconscious and proceeded in.

Barely inside the antechamber, there was another guard posted, a little more aggressive than the first. Farah gave this one a second to look at the paper before rushing and knocking him out too. That’s when we entered the main hall. Guards with bows drawn and rushing to meet us. I thought we will all go back to back and take on the challengers as they came to us. Before I could finish that thought, everyone was rushing in opposite directions.

I’ll try and record some of the highlights. Rakuno and I found the main boss we heard about in the upper floor. Hearing our compatriots having trouble, I hit the tiny jerbeen with my highest sleep spell, nocking her out instantly. Farah chased after some bandits coming across the cook. Turns out the cook was a strong spellcaster with a ton of appropriately pun named spells. We all cornered the cook in the bedroom, but he summoned a demon that clouded the room with a stench so foul we constantly expelled our breakfast all over poor Spoke’s soon to be master bedroom. We handled ourselves, but it was close. Luckily Spoke was able to open a window to disperse the cloud, and Farah, Rakuno, and Sycamore tired Cookie the cook until he surrendered.

So some things we learned was that the small jerbeen boss was just Cookie’s familiar playing a role of boss for him, and he ran things behind the scenes. We hand over the bandits to the guards, and cleaned up the place as best we could. We also found the books that Alvin was looking for before signing his side over to Spoke, making the mansion now all his.

This morning though, I woke up to Reya busting in my room, crying and scared about what Mom and Dad were trying to do. We retrieved the rest of the group and met them on the docks where those two were trying to take off on dad’s fishing boat. They were set to go out there to find out what’s causing this storm that’s making ships disappear. I sure as heck couldn’t let them go alone, so I gave Reya all my money and to stay with some friends while I was gone. If I weren’t blessed with the best friends, I don’t know who is, but Rakuno, Farah, Spoke and Sycamore all joined as well along with Brin.

That’s where I’m at now… Sorry I need to write later, I think I heard someone call out about a sinking ship and some possible survivors.