Sunday, June 7, 2015

Awards and Achievements

The Newbie Blogger Initiative ended, but there are still residual effects being felt. I suggest we call the Ghostbusters, but while we wait on them, lets enjoy the fruits of our labors. (Sorry, no ‘u’ guys.)

NBI 2015 Achievement
Achievement unlock. We successfully completed the initiative. Make sure to add 100 points to your achievement score, and receive your ‘/pat on back’ emote from the claims window.

Good Monicker Award 2015
It's all in the name
In all the chaos and destruction, I ran away with the “Good Monicker” award while noone was looking. Apparently Tyrannodorkus appeased the vets well enough to grant me this pretty spiffy digital plaque. Many mentioned to me they liked the name, and one I’m pretty proud of that my brother and I came up with.

That was not the only awards given. The Adventurer’s Staff award went to Lair of the Wolf Dragon. The Epic Bard award went to Gamer Girl Confessions. The Frontline Champ award went to Randark’s Review. And all the sponsors and mentors received the Herald of the Dragon award for being cool. Stay awesome guys.

However, not all awards were decided yet. Murf’s Safari contest is still underway. I voted for my favorites (still no ‘u’), I suggest you go through and give your votes too.

There was also a poetry slam ran by the awesome Joseph Skyrim (no, not after the game).

Thanks four (here’s your ‘u’) all your support, and doing what I can to give back. There are a lot of great blogs I’m going through, and still adding. Let’s make 2015 a great year.


  1. The name does rather roll off the tongue. Congratulations on the achievement!

  2. I told you that your name was awesome. The majority of voters agreed! Glad to see the NBI affected you so positively.

    1. Thanks, Izlain. Glad I was able to catch it when I did, it's been a great experience.

  3. Haha, I love the name, too. Congratulations on the well-earned medal!