Thursday, February 19, 2015

Post and they shall come

Hello, everyone. Tyrannodorkus here, and welcome to my blog. I hope to use this space to talk more about games and to complement my YouTube videos. Since this is my inaugural blog post, I wish to take this time to get a little bit about myself out.

I've been playing games since I was little, around 4 I believe. My first game system was the Nintendo, and along with it, the Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt.

My favorite game is Final Fantasy 7. I know, couldn't I have picked a more popular/over rated title? No, I say, for there is no better game than this! Actually, 7 had plenty of faults, but it came during a very impressionable time for me, when my mother moved my brother and I a few states over, separating us from our friends, family and dad. So this game had some themes I could connect with.

Favorite movie is Spaceballs. I'm a huge comedy junky, especially for some of the older comedies.

Last, but not least, I really don't care for long walks on the beach. They keep me away from technology for too long, plus I need to get back to my last quest, "Take a long walk on a beach".

That should just about do it for my first blog. I hope you enjoyed it and looking forward to bringing you more from the mind of a dork.

- Mr. Tyranny

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