Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Give it a try? Star Trek Online

Should I give Star Trek Online a try?

That all depends. With it being free to play, it won't cost anything to try it, but you may be wondering if its even worth your time.

I started Star Trek Online (STO) a couple months back. The last time I played was from release to 6 months after, so I have a huge gap of missed time. So far, I'm impressed with what I'm seeing.

What is there to like about STO?

Honestly, if you want to play this for Star Trek, you'll be happy. If you want to play this for story, it has its ups and downs. If you want to play this for exploration, you'll be happy here too. Now, if you want to play this for PvP, it's pretty light, and if you want to play this for unlocking everything, that will be very costly. There are a lot of special ships restricted to real money transactions (RMT), which is known as the in game store, and/or long game grinds, which means repeated tasks to earn up to a reward. The big but here is if you're happy with the core ships that are most common in the Star Trek universe, then you will be fine.

But I don't like game stores.

You can play for free forever. "Expansion" packs aren't for access, you can go to all the places, play (almost) all the races. Those packs are basically like large discounted store item packs, stuff you can ignore. When you start the game, you aren't greeted with a store page or anything. As a matter of fact, I almost forget there is even a store sometimes, except when lockboxes drop, and I usually just delete those. You're given a fair amount of inventory and bank space that is local to each character, and you have a reasonable amount of shared bank space. You don't need to make a lot of credits to play casually, and you can probably ignore the alternate dilithium currency unless you want to buy extra ships over the free one you get each 10 levels until 40.

What issues should I be aware of?

The free ships are built well enough to take you through the game, as long as you are casual. If you like to be best of the best, then you'll be hit by the store.

The biggest short coming would be the respec stuff. I know enough of the game to create my character without needing to respec, but for completely new people, that may hit you, but they are pretty cheap for real cash, or you'll have to grind out the dilithium and exchange that for the cash shop currency.

So, should I give Star Trek Online a try?

I think you should. It's a fun game that's casual friendly, lots of stuff to do solo or in groups, and it gives you a great sense of living as the captain of a ship in the Star Trek universe.

Hope that helps you decide whether to try it or not.


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