Sunday, July 31, 2016


If you’re confused by the title, it’s an old term from my Everquest 1 days. It’s not a misspelled word like boom, loom, or doom… although oom seems to be attached to pretty negative words. It’s an acronym for ‘out of mana’, or ‘out of magic’. That means your group better be careful lest their cleric can’t heal, or their illusionist can’t control a crowd of monsters.

So, to the point of why I used it; I feel like I hit my oom moment. I had a level up this month, so I’m a little older, a little wiser… I’m starting to get hair in really weird places man, I feel like I’m turning into sasquatch. D:> (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist the Wayne’s World 2 reference)

I had fun, and enjoyed my birthday, but I could only enjoy half. The other half went to my brother. Unfortunately when you have a twin, you have to share the birthday. Ugh, why couldn’t our parent’s give us each our own birthday. They thought they could get away with making us share everything, well we showed them by going through twice the diaper stock. MWAHAHAHA >:D

Why do I feel out of juice though? My job has basically went into a highly suggested overtime period from the day I started. It didn’t really effect me so much, but my brother works the say area and we car pool, so I sort of am doing overtime anyways. And my brother is a work-o-holic, and he likes to make plans, and he drags takes me to the gym. I don’t even get to touch a game except for the weekends, if those days don’t have stuff planned for them. I’m at least financially independent again, so I get the good with the bad. It’s not his fault or anything, it’s just that’s how our situation happens to be at the moment.

I’m also living back with my dad again since the job is closer here, but then I don’t have a personal space anymore, making game time even more difficult. Bleh (x_x)

Because of all this, I don’t get time to recharge my batteries. If you took the MBTI personality test, you may understand what an intj, and intp might be, specifically the ‘i’ part. Of all the letters, I stayed close to the center so I could kind of go one way or the other, except for ‘i’. The ‘i’ stands for introvert, which many of my fellow bloggers and video game enthusiasts typically are. I tested pretty extreme for introvert both times taking the test and what that means is I need a lot of personal time and quiet to help keep my mental and physical energy up. Conversely, extroverts gain energy from lots of socializing and having the spotlight. So my energy reserves are pretty much empty.

One of the best ways I’ve heard how introverts work is from Pyschochild explaining what he heard from NPR. People may see us like we are removed from the world, but what really happens is that we can’t shut off the world. It’s hard for us to be in highly energetic environments with lots of input to our senses, we can’t filter it very well. That is why we like quiet, and getting out of the spotlight.

Much of my personal time was putting time into playing games, making videos, and creating fun stuff for this blog. Now, I’m barely getting energized by vicariously watching games on youtube and checking twitter for what others are up to. I’ve done a poor job keeping up with the blogosphere, so I hope to make some changes soon in my activities to open up more personal time. For instance I pushed myself to throw my headphones on and write another post. It doesn’t have the standards I want for my blog posts, but it feels pretty darn energizing just writing this up. I was already pretty close to the edge to writing a post anyways, but Faeldray gave me the nudge to push me into finally doing it. Thank you :D

If you made it this far, then I can only assume you like me and what I write (hey I like you too) or may be in the same, or similar situation and can’t find time to energize. I truly sympathize with you if you do, but have this silly image below. I don’t know what it is yet since I haven’t made it, but it’ll be the best thing ever going through a long post like this. Enjoy.


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