Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Screen Share: Adventure Awaits

Skyrim - Adventure Awaits
Adventure Awaits

Joining the Newbie Blogger Initiative has been tremendously rewarding. I’m in a constant state of learning and I am enjoying myself.

Today, I want to share a screenshot of Skyrim (heavily modded, of course). My character and his adventuring companion look out to the horizon.

Adventure Awaits!

Edit: Adding this screenshot to the #NBI2015Safari as Landscape.


  1. I love the screenshot; it's very romantic in its own way. Is that a rainbow I see?

    Skyrim is one of the games of which I think modding is really worth it. The game looks so amazing like this!

    1. Why yes, that is a rainbow. :)

      I'm still learning to use Blogger and not sure how to set it to click on the image for a larger view yet. Here is the direct link to the image if you want a better look.

    2. Hey, I might be able to help you with that. I'm not amazing with Blogger, but I usually get things working eventually. The first thing that I notice is that your link doesn't look like an image link. As far as I'm aware, it should end with the file format (for instance .jpg or .png).

      - how do you insert your images to your post: with the "insert image" button or manually with html?
      - where do you upload your images: google or somewhere else?

      If you go to the html tab of your blog post, your image link should look something like this:

      <a href="" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img border="0" src="" height="318" width="640" /></a>

      (Ignore the height/width thing, that's the result of me setting up something so they are the same width as my posts.) The <a href=IMAGE LINK> & </a> part is the part that makes your image into a link. So if you add that around the link of your image in the blog post, it should work. Again, Blogger should do this automatically, but it might have to do something with the way you add your images or something your template does.

      If you have multiple images in a post it is even possible to show them in a sort of gallery, for instance if you click the first picture in this post:

      Anyway, maybe better e-mail me if you need any help with images, before I defile your blog with these walls of text. I'm glad to help any way I can. :)

  2. If it is all the same to you, I'd love to include this in the NBI Screenshot Safari (more information here: This post would fit perfectly for either landscape, high fantasy, or maybe even selfie!

    1. Sure, I'd love for you to add it. I'll put in a line in the body as landscape, and send out a new tweet adding the tag to it.

  3. I have to agree, Skyrim has turned out to have some of the best landscapes of any game, if you were to stop killing bandits and dragons long enough to look around. I love the elder scrolls games and what they offer adventure wise. They hold out their hand to guide you on a path, or leave you to walk your own. The game is beautiful in more ways then one.

    1. Yeah, Skyrim is one of my favorite games because it get's out of the way to let you do what you want.