Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Screen Share: Dangerous Sunset

Dangerous Sunset
For a time, dragons were attacking the two great cities of Norrath; Qeynos (Qekaerbyad?) and Freeport. They protected themselves, though. As the concerned citizen I was, I watched from a safe distance. The sun was setting as the terrible beasts kept up their siege, and I thought that was the best time to break out the screenshot button. Time for a Dangerous Sunset.


  1. I really miss Norrath. I just don't really miss playing EQ or EQ2. As soon as I went back I know I'd get bored again. I hope EQN really knocks it out of the park. If we ever see it, that is.

    1. It's such a fantastic setting, for whatever reason. I keep hoping they'll license it out to someone who wants to use it for a single-player or co-op RPG.

    2. I'm still keeping my hopes up for Next. I don't expect it to be anything close now to what they wanted for it, but I still think it's coming once they finish Landmark.

    3. I'd love to see the IP go with something a bit different, like Norrath in modern times, or the future perhaps!