Wednesday, May 6, 2015

NBI Challenge: GamerGate

I debated whether to join this challenge or not (you'll see why due to my answer below), but that's not the spirit of joining an initiative to just sit out of the first challenge despite my opinion of the subject. So without further adieu, I give you my first challenge write up.

GamerGate, to me, became tainted. It lost focus and really hurt the gaming culture in the end. To be honest, I stayed away from it. Any thing that was tagged as GamerGate, I avoided.

If you were to ask three people what GamerGate was, you’d might get three different answers. It was about sex for favors, wait, it was about sexism in videogames, or was it about game journalism was corrupt. I’m confused now. That is why I believe it’s tainted and I just left it alone. It was dangerous to get swept up in it because GamerGate had become a rage machine to stir people up.

In the end, I chose not to participate.

1 comment:

  1. When GamerGate was happening, I didn't even know something was going on, for the first week it slipped past my radar. By the time I even knew it had existed, it was already the hate spewing cause of people afraid of change or using it as a platform from which to voice, more often then not, childish or ignorant thinking. From what I heard at the start, there was a good cause starting it, but it was quickly swallowed up in the tornado of vile that everyone got to understand it by.

    Whatever the start was, the end result is what everyone will remember, and no one is proud of. It represents a very vocal minority of gamer culture, one that doesn't want things to change, no same sex couples in their video games, no girls allowed as the main hero.

    Once I heard about GamerGate, I already didn't want to follow anything about it and kept away as well, and probably for the best.