Tuesday, May 26, 2015

NBI Challenge: The Seven Gaming Sins

Since this initiative started, I’ve gained some great experience and energy to try and make this work as best as I can.

With the Newbie Blogger Initiative ramping down now, we have one final challenge. A series of questions for us to learn about each other in a theme of 7 Deadly Sins. Let’s get started!

Lust – Do you enjoy games more if they have scantily clad and “interestingly proportioned” avatars? Do you like playing as one of these avatars? Why or why not?

I’m a huge proponent for choice. I love a game that gives me a great range of character looks. That includes the young to the old, gorgeous to ugly, sexy to sickly and everything in between. Even though I have a smaller range I stick with, I love seeing what other people come up with.

As for my range? I tend to prefer making my avatars attractive, but I like to cover them with practical armor or clothing. I don’t like running around in a swimsuit or banana hammock.

Gluttony – Do you have a game backlog of unfinished games but still buy new games regardless? Why or why not?

I do. I built up a large library of games back when I thought I would have time to play them. I’ve realized my time is far more limited and stopped collecting even if the deal is like $5 for a bundle of 100 games… well, maybe I’d pick that up. Still though, I keep a wish list now, and when I’m in the mood, I’ll go through that list because I know I’m ready to play it.

Greed – Do you enjoy hand outs in a game? Have you ever opted to NOT do an action / in game activity because the rewards were lacking? Why or why not?

Sure, I’d do an easy quest that gives me a good set of armor. I’m not proud, pfft. At the same time, I like a good challenge. I guess I’m just not worried about having to do the twelve labours of Hercules for everything I earn.

Sloth – Do you ever leech or AFK in a party? Do you discourage others from attempting things that you feel are difficult? Have you ever seen someone that needed help, but decided not to help them? Why or why not?

When it comes to groups, I don’t like wasting other people’s time. I know how important it is to them and myself, so I keep interruptions to a minimal. I look for the same courtesy in others. If you have a good reason, like a child, I’m 100% patient.

I don’t discourage, I encourage. If I see a giant beast walking through a bunny camp, I’ll want to prod it with a stick to see how hard it hits.

When I see someone in trouble, I do my best to take action. But I tend to watch from a distance to make sure they need help. Hate to break up their momentum when they weren’t in trouble to begin with.

Wrath – Ever get angry at other players and yell (or TYPE IN CAPS) at them? Have you ever been so angry to stalk a person around in game and / or in the forums? Why or why not?

My brother and I have thrown some loud words at each other when we get angry, but I don’t remember directing that at anyone else. I’m far too averse to conflict that I feel sick thinking about it. I know, I’m a big baby. Well, baby get what baby wants. Wahh!

Envy – Ever felt jealous of players who seem to be able to complete content you can’t? Do you ever suspect they are hacking or otherwise cheating? Why or why not?

Sure, I get jealous all the time. I’m jealous of raiders and pvpers that get to see content I stay away from, and they are rewarded cool stuff for it.

I’m man enough to admit that I’m also petty. I’ve suspected people of being cheaters or just plain cheap sometimes when I’ve lost. Doesn’t change the outcome that they bested me. I try not to let it get to me for long, because yeah, pssh, it’s just a game. That’s right, “Elementos”! You won at pixels, enjoy that victory you 12 year old cheat! Who’s mom did you sleep with now!

Pride – Are you one of those people that demands grouping with other “elite” players? Do you kick players out of your team who you feel are under-performing? Why or why not?

Nah, because I know I won’t be able to perform to the level of playing they want from me. I’m far more comfortable with my under-performing brethren. They have more fun.

Thanks NBI of 2015

As I close out my final challenge, I want to thank my fellow class of 2015. I may not have been able to read everything you all put out, but I did my damndest to try. I commented and liked what I could for you and enjoyed what you have done for me.

This isn’t the end though, just the end of the beginning. We all created or dusted off our blogs and now it’s time for graduating into the bigger world.

May our blogs be like toilet paper, long and useful. Good morning, good day and good night everybody.


  1. I certainly hope you learned a few things along the way and it was fun to be here for some of the ride. Keep on blogging and sharing your thoughts, and you might show that you share some of the same ideas as a few others.

  2. Thanks for participating Tyrannodorkus! There's still a poetry slam open for a few days if that interests you! :)


    1. Thanks Joseph. I don't see myself as much of a poet. If you had a short story slam I would have loved to join.