Thursday, September 17, 2015

Multitasking vs Focusing


It’s been studied and said that humans just can’t multitask. Serial tasking, where we jump from one task to another and back again, is a whole ‘nother thing, and some people are really good at that (though it still scares me to see people texting while driving, whether they’re good at it, or think they’re good at it). This whole unfocused working mess confuses me. Why would people want to do this? And yet, I wish I could.

I’m terrible at serial tasking, when I’m listening to something, I can’t write. If I’m trying to cook, I can’t watch YouTube. I have extreme trouble compared to others when it comes to performing multiple tasks in a short time. Heck, I could get stuck reading the same sentence over and over if there’s someone talking.

When it comes to focusing on a single task, I actually enjoy doing that. I spent almost all day yesterday just learning the rules to x-wing. I love to focus, and noticed that some people actually have trouble doing this. They can’t sit down to a single task for very long before becoming distracted. So I’ve learned to accept and love my ability to focus, seeing how not everyone can do it, and enjoy our diverse world of focusers and serial taskers.

Oh, and apparently I lied, our brain can actually multitask one thing. Unsurprisingly, it’s with our sight, our strongest sense.

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