Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Homeless MMO veteran LFG

OMG, that's me! I should really clean up...

With EverQuest Next now kicking the bucket before it was allowed to stand on its own two feet, I’m now free to walk aimlessly. I was on board with Daybreak thinking they were close to a sure bet with getting out the next EQ game. Even though they aren’t backed by Sony any longer and loss some prominent faces from their team, they have the strength of two previous MMO games and countless other video games, trading card games, stories, toys, soundtracks, and who knows what else fueling the fandom to ensure the company that there is a market for a third in the series.

When they first announced EQN, I was excited to have a modern game with my favorite IP attached to it. I remember starting out around 2003 with the Legacy of Ykesha expansion. That expansion introduced Frogloks as playable characters. Since then, my love for EverQuest only got stronger and eventually I ‘hopped’ on over to EverQuest 2.

Even though I have so much love for EverQuest, I do get tired of it. I dabble in EQ2 from time to time, but I got a lot out of it already and kind of looking for something new. EQN was suppose to be that new hook to really bring me back.

When it comes to games, I’m either hooked on the story, or breaking down / mastering the mechanics. When I have neither to do any more, I slowly get bored and move on to another game.

For many people, social aspects keep them playing long after they are bored of the game. Since I have commitment issues, and a slew of social skill ineptitude weighing me down, I tend to shy away from building connections in game. I'm not proud of this. As a matter of fact, I would like to be part of a group, but I have the hardest time including myself, which I’m usually left out.

Since EQN is no longer on the horizon, I’m still drifting from game to game. Currently I’m on the hunt for my next MMO home, but money is a little tight for me, so I’m sticking to Free-to-Play games and ones I’m already established in. Currently I’m adventuring in the beautiful lands of Guild Wars 2 again, but I’m already feeling the sameness set back in. Soon, it will be time for me to mosey on to the next game or go dormant again in single-player purgatory.

Wildstar looks good from what my fellow blogger Chestnut has shown on her YouTube channel. Though it looks like Wildstar is having some trouble too, as of late.

I still have a lot of story to play through in Star Wars: The Old Republic, but I kind of need a subscription going in order for me to enjoy the game and money is tight at the moment.

I could go back to Star Trek Online and Neverwinter Online, maybe play around their player made stuff. I actually have a lot of fun with those. Speaking of Neverwinter, I’m getting interested in trying Dungeons and Dragons Online. Not sure how solo friendly the game is, but I might give it a try.

Lastly, I could look to smaller games instead. Get more involved with indie games or older games I’ve missed.

Anyone have a good suggestion or want a hitchhiker or to drag me into their game? I can work for gold, credits, tokens, crafting materials, or even just some crafted food if you have it.

You can also listen to me lament about the closure as well below.

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