Thursday, March 3, 2016

Undertale: Conclusion Solution

Before I begin, I want to do my due diligence and say There Are SPOILERS Ahead. Undertale is a game where you’d want to experience first before reading about it. Trust me on this. CAREFUL, SPOILERS AHEAD! If you haven’t played the game, or watched a playthrough, then I suggest the former over the ladder, but sometimes the ladder will have to do. So, let’s get this started.


I honestly didn’t think I had another Undertale post in me, but I shouldn’t be surprise because I would love to talk more about this game. If you haven’t already played the game yet, please please please go play the game. It’ll make what I’m about to share that much more powerful when you understand what’s going on.

I’ve experienced endings through the pacifist, neutral, and unfortunately the genocide. Even knowing the horrors of genocide, through that experience makes sharing this all the better.

I wanted a perfect ending, where you can save all the monsters, and the pacifist ending got you 99% there (as far as I know). There is one person you couldn’t save; Asriel. If you played the game, or read my previous posts, you’d know that Asriel is stuck within Flowey. When Asriel breaks the barrier in the pacifist run, he also releases the souls, but in that act, he will fade back into Flowey. A bittersweet ending if ever there was one.

After dwelling on this a while, and being mostly content with what I had, I came across a Tumblr blog that set out to change all that. It gave me a new ending, one I feel completely satisfied with. This fan-made ending left me on a far better note and I really want to bring attention to the blog for anyone else that wanted to save Asriel as well.

WARNING: It will pull at your heartstrings, so be prepared. Special note is the creator assumes the player to be a boy. I personally like Frisk staying neutral so I change references back to ‘they’ and ‘them’ mentally.

That is a direct link to the blog where you can see everything. I’ll go a step further and point out some specific stuff.

The Choice

To get directly to saving Asriel, click to read The Choice. You can finally be satisfied with a happier ending in saving Asriel, but not without an equal consequence, which I am willing to take.

The Return

Upon his return, there’s someone Asriel will have to say goodbye to.

The Return, part 3 - this is a video

The Mistake

It doesn’t end there. Asriel will have to face one more challenge in order to truly leave the underground.

The Mistake, part 5 - This really explains the why of it all. Play the music at the top

Or if you’d like, watch a fan-made video of this fan-made comic ‘The Mistake’. It’s what brought my attention to the Tumblr originally.

Final Notes

Much like modding Skyrim, I realised I can do the same with story with the huge world of fan-made stories and comics. I don’t have to settle with what the original creator made, I can choose to change the story however I feel. Toby created a damn near perfect game, and would ask that he keep it as it is. I just wanted to add a personal edit to it for my own sake.

I do hope you get out of this what you want, like I have. It also wouldn’t hurt checking out everything the creator made for Undertale on their Story Archive page. Might I suggest checking out ‘Three Plates’ while you’re there.

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