Saturday, June 4, 2016

Bringing in the new


The 2016 Newbie Blogger Initiative is kicking in gear and my first contribution is a silly screenshot post. Hey, sometimes a silly post is all you have time for, and the world can use some more light hearted things to read.

Eri over at Healing the masses posed a screenshot challenge and it looks right up my ally. Recently, MJ of Massively OP boosted her Ark server to increase mating and breeding times of tamed dinosaurs, that way people have a chance to play with those mechanics. It was only for the weekend, but I used that time to bring up a new t-rex.


Welcome baby Scar to the Ark. Looks almost like his mother. Normally, I would be looking at day's worth (nonconsecutively) of hatch time, and then some days worth of constant feeding until he grew up to an adult. A quetzal would take 4 times as long, but the boosted time meant I had a new rex hatched in about half an hour.


Momma keeps close guard of her new born, making sure he grows up strong and healthy.

I love this game, and constantly amazed at all the work still going into it. Rabid at Queue Times made a post of some recent updates. There’s now neat stuff you can do with the new born like pet it and play. I’ll have to try that out next time.


They grow up so fast. Momma still doesn’t want to let him go, though. I’m sure she’s very proud of him.

As fun as this post is, it’s also a parable for NBI. We have some new and returning blood, that needs help to grow up big and strong, and eventually may help new bloggers as well. The cycle continues and the community stays strong for it. Welcome to the family and enjoy yourselves.

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