Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Analogue Comparison


I sure hope it’s not far…

Back with another quick comic. Two days late of my own self-given deadline isn’t too bad. I suppose I should dock my own pay. What’s 10% taken off of 0? Ah, nevermind, I’ll calculate it later.

So I just want to talk about a couple of games I’ve been playing recently. Dungeons and Dragons, and X-Wing Starfighter. Let’s start off with the classics.

Dungeons and Dragons

This is a game as old as time itself (or it would like you to believe.) I’ve enjoyed this game since I’ve first played it back in my highschool days. Afterwards, I haven’t had the chance to play for a long while, until about a year ago when I joined Ysharro’s group. Well, not too many months ago, Ysh stepped down and I took reigns and directed the group to do some D&D (more like “Hey guys, you wanna play” and they are like “Sure, we’d give it a shot.”)

The game itself is both simple and crazy complicated. I mean there are small intricate details I have to remember as the dungeon master that carries from campaign to campaign, like recurring characters, cities, and story the characters create.

I could probably make long stories of what goes on in our adventurer, and I just might, but time doesn’t allow me just yet. Just recently, our Paladin, Tamidar (played by Faeldray), just went through a trial to unlock her Oath and Paladin spells. Our Sorcerer, Malexis (played by Psychochild) had a tough time understanding Paladin traditions and thought the trial was a criminal trial.  xD

X-Wing Starfighter

Now this is more like a game of collectible Star Wars ships that you use to fight other people with. It’s a competitive game that I’ve been spending a ton of time looking into. The ship pieces look realistic and nice, but where I spend most of my time are building squads and coming up with builds that work well with each other.

The basic game has each side spend 100 points to spend on ships and modifications. On average, you’ll end up with 3 ships and a decent setup of mods on each one. So far, I’ve put together over 70 builds, and I haven’t gotten to really test any of them because I only play once every two weeks maybe. My group of friends only come together to play every two weeks, and we live about an hour away from them so my brother and I can’t exactly join in on more games. Alas, I’m finding fun putting together ships with great synergy. Reminds me of building Guild Wars 2 characters.

Offline Games

I wanted to bring these up because I’ve been seeing a resurgence of offline games. Perhaps it was always a big thing and I didn’t see it until recently, but I’m liking that board / pen and paper games are still a thriving community in an age where digital games are king. It’s nice to feel and move physical objects, to write down, erase, and write again. It’s nice to get away from the keyboard, phone, and controller once in awhile too. All in all, it’s just a nice break.


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