Sunday, November 13, 2016

Coming out of hibernation


I’ve been out for a while…

Well, after long work hours, taking over the GM role of my online pen & paper game night, and now looking for a house, this blog was put way on the back burner, like the third or fourth row if stoves come with that many.

To add to my long list of time sinks, I’ve always wanted to make comics, so I’m giving it a try now. What I lack in artistic detail, I make up for in quick completion and less worrying of it being perfect.

I’ve also been very light in the gaming world, but I’m finding time to get into an MMO again. Elder Scrolls Online I’ve felt needed another chance (not to mention my darn Skyrim game is crashing on me.) I’ve claimed to Faeldray that I had 150 mods running. Upon further inspection, I’m actually around 112 mods. Now I did my due diligence, unfortunately there’s still some incompatibility with the mods I’m running, hence my game crashing. So ESO it is.

ESO now has the One Tamriel patch going, meaning I can run anywhere and do any quest at any level. My brother and I had thought of a similar system a while ago for MMOs, a sort of level-less system, which One Tamriel seems to follow the spirit of. Now that I’ve been able to try the system in practice, I think it is a solid addition to MMOs.

One thing I had issues with ESO before was the on-rails nature it thought it needed to be an MMO. Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim was a pretty open game to explore, so it was upsetting that I had to watch how far down the road I went. Now I’m doing quests in the order I find them if I feel like doing them. It’s a lot of fun running around now.

Going back to Faeldray, I have her to thank her for kicking me in the butt getting me to make another post. She’s been my “muse of nagging” (her words, not mine D: )

I’ll try to go back onto a weekly or bi-weekly post rate. Something is better than nothing, and I have to let the handful of people who actually like what I post know I’m still alive. :)

Hope you had a good weekend, everyone. It’s been a bit of a rough wakeup call in the states.


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