Thursday, July 16, 2020

Humblewood Campaign

Greetings travelers and weary adventurers, please sit down and listen to the tale of a great campaign...

Welcome to the chronicles of the D&D campaign I'm playing in using the Humblewood ruleset. It's built on the D&D fifth edition, but with cute bird and animal folk as the players and npc's.

My character is Cookaroo Tavian, otherwise known as "Corkscrew". He's a Maran Raptor Bard that looks like a bearded vulture, and will be the perspective of how I will tell these tales. Each post will hopefully be a recollection of his for that play session.

My fellow players are;

Rakuno Lightpaws, a Jerbeen Monk, He's played by Rakuno.

Farah, a Mapach Monk that is actually based on a ferret. She's played by Kiran.

Spoke, a Hedge Cleric of the Community Domain. He's played by Mtnpapa.

Sycamore Stronghoof, a Proghorn Cervan Fighter. He's played by Anniemuis.

And the DM that put this all together is Faeldray.

So below I'll try and update it with the link to each session, which I hope any ready will enjoy.


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