Monday, October 12, 2015

Rethinking the Lightsaber


I was reading Gamers Decrypted this morning on their article The physics of a Lightsaber. Reading the breakdown on the possibilities of making a lightsaber was fascinating to say the least, a subject I’ve read and watched many times before. Each idea on the saber itself has always been either a laser sword or a plasma sword, both have potential and yet have specific problems when it comes to the whooshing and crashing into each other - the best part. I was thinking, what if we were thinking too literal about this on the blade. It looks like a blade of light, but is it just light and science (and probably some Force) keeping that blade together, or are we going about this wrong?

I was thinking, couldn’t the blade use a little help? Maybe something we can’t actually see behind the light, but maybe something there that gives it the shape it needs and the stopping power when two sabers lock. My thought is, why not use some sort of memory material or shape-memory alloy.

The idea is to let a mesh or piece of metal grow into the saber when activated, like what the movie shows, and then retract when powered down - example below. This material can then be used to have the plasma come around it, or could be superheated to the point of being the blade itself.


The idea isn’t as sexy as light or plasma shooting out of the hilt, but could be a lot more practical and efficient if the right material was used.

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