Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wakfu: The Animated Series (Season 1) Quick Review


If you like to enjoy Saturday morning cartoons, have I the show for you. Wakfu: The Animated Series I found is available on Netflix. This show started off pretty standard for a family-friendly cartoon. You have your good guys Yugo, Amalia, Evangelyne, Dally and Ruel fighting the evil and power possessive Nox. Much of the show is the team fixing problems and helping others while on their way to find Yugo’s family. Nox is shown once in awhile to establish he is still working on gaining power. Many of the enemies are not Nox’s minions, but regular foes you’d find on small adventures. This sounds standard and dull to begin with, but the show picks up in the later half. The characters break past their 2 dimensions and began getting depth. A romance emerges between two of the characters, Nox is shown to have humanity still in him and misguided and the main character Yugo finds he’s much different than the rest of the crew when he finally meets his brother.

The show does have weak areas. For starters there are 26 episodes in season 1 so there is a lot - and I mean A LOT - of filler content and the show can drag on a little. That’s not to say the people they meet during these filler episodes aren’t interesting, it’s just that I would have rather them get more on the point of the conflict going on between Yugo and Nox.

In the end, I was rooting for Yugo and the team, but ultimately I found myself loving Nox the most when the final credits rolled. I felt so sympathetic to what he tried to accomplish and sad he wasn’t able to get what he ultimately desired - for what that is, you’d have to watch the show or look up spoilers.

I was brought in by the interesting characters and the lovely art and animation, but ultimately hooked on the story of this world.

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