Friday, October 23, 2015

Wakfu: The Animated Series (Season 2) Quick Review


Continuing on from my previous review of Wakfu: The Animated Series (Season 1), I’m now giving my review of Season 2. Mostly because I’m not finding these myself and somewhat because I have some thoughts after finishing. I will have spoilers at the end of this review so if you don’t want them, don’t go past the SPOILER header below.

Yugo and the team stopped Nox from draining the Tree of Life of all it’s Wakfu and retrieved the Eliacube. Yugo and his brother Adamai want to learn of the fate of their people and use the Eliacube to find out what happened, only to summon another Eliatrope, Qilby. The crew now has to go and retrieve Qilby’s dofus in order to free their people.

Season 2 has the same style and execution of the first season with interesting characters and a lovely world to look at with many destinations to explore. Unfortunately, this season was underwhelming on story. The main villain wasn’t established until the end and by then, there was a lot going on, like they were trying to establish themselves for a season 3 instead of finishing with a spectacular season 2.

And this season also had 26 episodes, which means they had a lot of filler. With so many directions, they should have used those filler episodes for the main plot, but instead wasted it on yet pushing the adventure longer.

In the end, if you were interested in the story, I would just take season 1 and love it to death. If you like the world and characters, season 2 has plenty.


Time for my thoughts on missed opportunities in season 2. I watched this show in anticipation of where earlier established characters would come into play later in the season, only to be disappointed.

Rushu, the king of the shushus, was pretty much unstoppable until Dally’s former master shows up where it’s established that he is now the Iop (pronounced yop) god. That explained how he was so powerful, but I was waiting on Bourlof the Butcher (a shushu greatsword) to make appearance during that invasion. Remington should've had him when he was taken into the world of the shushus. The shushus that saw him during Bourlof’s appearance was pretty frightened by him, so I was curious what he could do.

Nox was defeated, but escaped at the end of the first season. I was hoping he’d show up at the invasion of the end, in a way to atone for what he’s done to the world, and possibly help Yugo out. Or in the very least thwart Qilby with some hidden knowledge of the Eliacube. Nox is far too interesting of a character to just let him fade to the annals of time.

I was disappointed that Ruel sat out the invasion. He was established as the strongest of the group by Grougaloragran. I could only imagine what tricks would have been up his sleeve.

The end I found to be underwhelming, as if the creators said “ok, we’re done now, let’s just stop everything and make a happy ending”. Rushu being dragged back to his realm, Qilby being stopped by his dormant sister and Yugo just standing up to him but was no match. If they didn’t wait till like the last 3 episodes to do this, I’m sure the ending could have been much more interesting. If anything, the most humane thing that could have happened to Qilby was to have him destroyed so he’d return to his dormant state along with his sister in their dofus, not to put him right back in a position to have a chance to do this all over again.

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