Wednesday, November 11, 2015

#IntPiPoMo - The Park and Secret World


I’ve finished my series of The Park and posted it on YouTube. The ride was wild and I’m glad it’s finally finished and back on the ground. The game had plenty of atmosphere as promised. As a bit of a celebration of being able to say I’ve been to the Atlantic Island Park, rode the rides and left with my life still intact (though my sanity may be another matter), I’ve constructed a gallery of some of the screenshots I’ve taken in The Park for #IntPiPoMo, and to boost the creep-odometer, I’ve included some shots of the Atlantic Island Park from The Secret World. That brings the number of images for this gallery to lucky number 13.

If you’re interested in more International Picture Posting Month, you can find more entries through the twitter hashtag #IntPiPoMo or join by checking out Chestnut’s entry post. You can also checkout my play-through of The Park here.


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