Saturday, November 7, 2015

Star Wars 7 Kylo Ren's Lightsaber Theory


The tri-blade saber of Kylo Ren has been a big talking point about the new movie, with people either liking or hating it. I personally think it’s impractical, but all sabers tend to have a uniqueness to them that helps define the Jedi or Sith that wields it.

After watching the trailers and seeing the hilt plenty of times, I suddenly had an idea about it and did a bit of a comparison to see if my thought checks out.

My theory is that Kylo’s saber is Darth Vader’s saber. This theory may have already been made, but I’m trying to stay away from Star Wars stuff in-case of spoilers - as ironic as that statement is with me throwing out theories as well.

(left) Kylo Ren's saber
(right) Darth Vader's saber

According to my comparison image, the bases look very similar with the grip design. The tops aren’t similar, but you can see Kylo’s saber is modified and hacked together. And lastly you can see that the saber kind of looks damaged, like it was burned. Now, that last point could just be the way the prop I found looks, but I’ve seen others that make it looked burned as well.

I think Kylo grabbed the helm and saber after Vader was burned from his burial. We see in the trailer, he has the burned helmet of Vader, so why not his saber?

As for the modifications, if the saber was badly burned, it would need repair to get it working again. That may also be why the saber looks wobbly like it does. It could be that it’s not overpowered, but the crystal and and other parts just isn’t up to par and not producing as strong a saber. This could be the advantage that Finn (John Boyega) will need when facing against Kylo.

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