Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Donkey Kong Country: Trip down memory lane

Some love for people on PAL systems

When I was growing up, one of my favorite games to play was the Donkey Kong Country trilogy on the Super Nintendo. I loved the graphics of it (because nothing was like it at the time). It looked like a cross between 3D and claymation in some respects. Each game brought their own flavor to the franchise starting with Donkey and Diddy Kong in the first game, Diddy and Dixie Kong in the second, and finally Dixie and Kiddy in the third.

The environments were imaginative and gorgeous for their time, the music is catchy to this day, and the playable characters, animal friends, and enemies are memorable. It is an enjoyable game made for fun’s sake, with challenges and secrets that are a joy to find. It’s one of my favorites.

To my pleasant surprise I found someone doing a series playing the Donkey Kong Country games that I just want to share. The Duck of Indeed (link to playthrough below) is breaking down each of the levels as individual videos that average around 5 minutes each so they are easy to get into and stop when you need to. The Duck also gives good commentary while playing it that I find cute and enjoyable.

You can watch the entire playlist of Donkey Kong Country by the Duck of Indeed here. If you have some time and want to stroll down memory lane, or check out what we ancient gamers had to play on rocks with screens, have some fun watching Donkey Kong.

As for some of those catchy tunes, you can find the soundtracks on Youtube. Here’s one I really like called Mining Melancholy.

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