Monday, April 4, 2016

Which class should I choose?

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This is a very old question that’s been around since the beginning of time. Einstein has been famously quoted asking Socrates which class should he choose when booting up Everquest for the first time. Okay, I’m just having my fun here.

Which class should I choose has been a question that’s frown upon with the usual response of “play what you like to play.” I’ve always felt that is a good answer, but now I’m thinking the problem with the question is that it’s incomplete.

Asking which class should you choose is asking someone which ice cream should you choose. I have no idea what your preferences are, which flavors you like, are you allergic to anything. So when you ask which class you should choose, you need to provide more information about your preferences when asking the community, else you will get the standardised “play what you like to play” answer.

So here are my tips when you are booting up a game for the first time and want to pose this question to the community.

Provide a preference

When asking, you should mention which combat preference you’re looking for. Are you a tank, healer, support, slow damage over time dealer, quick high damage dealer, a hybrid of all types of classes? Be sure to include which direction you want to try to play towards.

I like range hard hitting damage dealers, which class fits that best?

Provide some history

Another good thing to include would be your history of what you like to play as. Many games don’t have duplicate classes between themselves, but the players ought to know how they compare between them. So if you come from World of Warcraft as a Paladin, or even a Mage from say Skyrim, be sure to include that you liked those play styles.

My main in WoW is a Monk, is there a class like that here?

Provide a character

If you’ve never played an RPG before or game where you chosen a class to play as, then try offering a character you like from a book or movie that you’d like to play as. Nothing wrong with wanting to emulate Legolas or Indiana Jones. The community should be able to steer you towards a similar class to those beloved characters.

I love how Harley Quinn swings around a giant hammer, does any class have one of those?

Provide some direction

If you’re not sure about anything, then try to figure what you think you’d have the most fun with. You’re usually not locked down so try something out and if it doesn’t please you, try something different. If you like archery, but you tend to like one hit kills, see if there’s a range class using bows with hard hitting damage. Else if you like swinging swords and spells, you can ask if there’s a class that melees and casts. Most of all, try playing something you can connect with. A class you think looks cool, but doesn’t spark any fun when you play them, isn’t a good class for you. The problem is sometimes classes aren’t fun until later in levels. The community ought to help you there too.

I like to be casual so I want something that can take a hit and give it while ranged. Which class should I choose?

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