Friday, August 14, 2015

Blaugust Day 14: Mobile Games can be Good? Fallout Shelter


Help, I need somebody. Help, not just anybody. HEEEEEELP. I must be coming down with something. Something is messing with my head. Must be a head cold, or high fever - those cause lowering of judgement, right? I think I actually… like… a mobile game.

This story starts long, long ago, as far back as yesterday.

My interest was piqued. I filed it in my mental to-do lists (because those are totally dependable) and was going to check into it later. I remember reading Syp’s post about it a while back on Fallout Shelter. I thought I’d give it a try, and then promptly disappointed because it was iOS only. But a glimmer of hope was to be had, as there was plans to release it on Android later. That time has come.

Timmy the peeping tom
Time for Timmy the peeping tom to get a new sibling

The to-do didn’t even have time to gather any dust as the next thing I see is a follow-up tweet.

This fell right into my lap. Not even 24 hours later, I’m the proud overseer of vaults 777 and 213. Vault 777 has a specialization of wasteful spending (my first vault) and the second - Vault 213 - specialized in wasteland explorers (thought it might be a good thing to do). So far, both vaults survived my reckless management and 777 successfully defended itself from a pack of raiders. That vault feels lucky, I just know it.

I had no idea that mobile games could actually be g… goo…. *forcing myself* good… *gasp*

Vault 213: We welcome all from the wastes who brings weapons and armor

If you have an Android and want to try a mobile game that actually is worth looking into, might I suggest trying Fallout Shelter. Just a word of warning, I checked up on my vaults twice in the middle of writing this post. Sorry, make that three times.

You can find more about Blaugust at the 2015 Blaugust Initiative Page.


  1. haha, I'm glad to be an enabler!

    1. Lol, thank you. I can't put the dang game down now.

  2. It's really solid, but I do think it would be a far better game if it were a "full" release on PC. The PC market needs more games like this, as it isn't that far removed from Theme Hospital.

    1. Agreed. I could definitely go for a PC version of this. Honestly though, I think mobile market needs more games like this. Fun and involved without the pressure of limitations and popups asking to buy stuff.

  3. I originally got this loaded onto my iPad but it wasn't optimised for iPad 2 so it kept crashing. I don't have an android that will run it either so I'm stuck for now. The little bit is saw between crashes was pretty good though.

    1. Ouch, I'm sorry to hear. It might be for the best, though. No chance of getting addicted if you can't play it. :)