Sunday, August 9, 2015

Blaugust Day 9: AMA Ask a question, Fetch-a-topic!

If you’re short on stuff to write about, and want a neat question to answer, try out the Blaugust AMA: Ask a question, Fetch-a-topic! Blaugust forum. That’s where I got today’s blog post from. My question comes from AlishaRuelHMIC from

What's the most vivid memory you hold dear in your heart regarding an MMO or game of any type? :D

I’d have to say I just recently posted about one of my most cherished memories, my first day of playing an MMO. I’m sure most people remember their first time because there’s no real other experience like it.

I’d like to share a couple more with you as well, as I’d like to pad out this post let you peek behind the curtain that leads to my world.

The life of a Paladin adventurer doesn't leave much time for book organization.

Since my first experienced talked about EverQuest, let’s keep the ball rolling and go straight into EverQuest 2; The betrayal quest. I’m not sure how many of you who’ve played EQ2 did the betrayal quest before it was made to be more streamlined, but it was definitely not a quest you took on lightly. The grind was longer, there was a couple more steps, and the faction quests were given to you in a more random fashion. Back then, I had an Iksar Shadowknight. I kind of enjoyed playing as that class, but I wanted something more original, something I didn’t see too often, so I wanted to betray to Qeynos and become a Paladin. It all paid off in the end, I was extremely satisfied that I finished the quest and got my new role in society. I rarely passed another good Iksar and even more rare were Paladins. I’m sure our numbers grew, but we’re still kind of rare.


My next game will hit your nestalgia harder than a bag of bricks thrown from the Eiffel Tower by the Hulk; Star Wars Galaxies. I can just feel both the praise and ire right now. That game gave me tons of great (and also bad) memories. One of my favorites included my brother, friend and myself hanging out in front of the Mos Eisley spaceport and became bored. We decided to act as desperate people looking for water so we did a /prone and crawled all over the area typing in “water”. That game came with speech bubbles, so it added to the experience to see “water” pop up over our heads in the middle of the crowed. We even got some people to take notice of us and tried to help. Community at it’s finest.

I’m going to stop for now as I could fill a book of memories from MMOs.

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  1. Aaaaaaaah, SWG and EQ2 right in the feels!

  2. I have to admit I haven't played EQ2 or SWG, but both memories sound great. The SWG one sounds like a lot of fun!

    1. They were. Both of these games were great back from their time - still are - but I don't think either can really pull in a new audience any more with their dated graphics and lower populations.