Friday, August 28, 2015

Blaugust Day 28: Conspiracies: Was Qui-Gon a Sith Lord?


Since my recent dive into Star Wars: The Old Republic, I’ve been on a Star Wars kick. So I’m going to talk about a fun little conspiracy I formed up. Was Qui-Gon a Sith Lord?

The One to bring balance to the Force

Qui-Gon was adamant about fulfilling the prophecy of The One. The One would bring balance to the force, but Qui-Gon was part of the Jedi Order and knew the Jedi were the dominant force at that time. So that would mean he knew that Anakin would balance that dominancy and either destroy the Jedi or rebuild the Sith.

Goes against the Council

As we all know, the Jedi Council declined to train Anakin the first time they requested. Qui-Gon instead told the boy to basically watch him and try to learn that way. This show’s Qui-Gon disagrees with the Council and kind of goes against their ruling. This also means he secretly took on a second padawan learner, which is against the Jedi code.


All this points to Qui-Gon being a Sith, a secret dark lord out to destroy the Jedi Order. That or he could be a grey Jedi, but then this theory wouldn’t sound as dark and sinister as I’d want it. Maybe this post can throw a shred of doubt on one of the main characters of the story. Perhaps there are more things we’ve missed in the movies…

If you like Star Wars and are interested in its lore, I’ve been listening to It’s A Trap. A podcast by Redna and Ordoo and they talk about all things Star Wars; books, movies and comics.

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