Monday, August 10, 2015

Blaugust Day 10: FNAF The Purple Guy Update


Welcome back to my Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) theory on who is the Purple Guy. If you haven’t read my theory up to this point, I would suggest reading my FNAF: Who is the Purple Guy post from a few days back. A quick breakdown is I believe the Purple Guy is the murderer of the children that haunt the robots. He is also the Phone Guy and you, the player. *Dun Dun DUUuuUUuUuUUN!*


Now I have reviewed the newest game in the series, FNAF 4 and caught up on the Game Theorist’s FNAF 3 theory videos. Taking everything into consideration, I’m not sure what to believe. I still feel pretty sure about who the Purple Guy is, but MatPat threw a wrench in there when he noticed the discrepancy about Phone Guy saying ‘Summer Job’ and you are paid in November. This requires me to go back and rethink what I know and update my theory around it. I could always just pass it off as you started in Summer and ended in November because it’s not called 5 Consecutive Nights at Freddy’s, now is it?

Thoughts about the 4th game is that it strongly suggests that you are playing the child who haunts the Golden Freddy. My brother pointed out that you could be playing the older brother instead, as his guilt is filling his dreams with nightmares of what he’s done. So far, either could be right as I don’t see evidence contradicting either yet.

The mini-games are back, and telling story again. As before, I don’t think these games are meant to be taken literal, just an abstract telling of story.

Actually, I just had a small epiphany. The Golden Freddy and the other stuffed animals in the mini-games claimed to be the kids friend, and the only ones that scare him are the full size animatronics and his brother. The mini-games don’t show horrible monsters, but the nightmares do. That tells me that we aren’t seeing what the kid see’s while playing. That could be what the older brother sees after guilt of torturing the little brother. So maybe that means you do play the older brother in the game and the little brother in the mini-games.

Also, the bedroom layout isn’t the same in the mini-games, but what looks like a cross of the bedroom and the first FNAF security office. Could that mean that who is having the nightmares had to be old enough to see the security office? The little brother was locked in the parts room, but not the office. And it’s also suggested that the little brother is either in a coma, or died. Could that mean the older brother grew up and became a guard? Could that also mean the older brother is the Purple Guy?

If so, what’s the motivation for killing kids? Is he trying to send friends to his little brother to play with? Or did he lose his mind from the nightmares and become a killer?

Could the little brother had come out of the coma instead of dying, grow up to be the killer? After all, without his frontal lobe, he would have no fear and how his brother tortured him could have stuck with him, relaying that experience to others.

Why am I constantly doling out questions? Will I ever stop? Find that out and more on the next update of my FNAF theory post…?

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